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Minister of State for Higher Education Dhan Singh said, there will be an emphasis on digital education in the new education policy

Minister of State for Higher Education

Minister of State for Higher Education, Independent Charge, Dr. Dhan Singh Rawat said that in the state, 80 percent of our children were educated online. Now we will provide training for online studies in all colleges through NIT. For this, a digital library is being built in each college. Along with this, online education has also been widely included in the new education policy.

Addressing the two-day National Virtual Conference organized by MBPG College, Dr. Rawat said that the conclusions reached in the conference should be conveyed to them. Studying it will help in policymaking. Conference convenor Dr. Rashmi Pant threw light on all aspects of personality. The seminar was attended by participants from five states. Dr. Kamal Pandey, Chief Guest of the event, Dr. NS Bankoti, Distinguished Guest, appreciated such initiative. During this, Dr. BR Pant, Dr. Urvashi Pandey, Dr. Prem Prakash, Dr. Usha Joshi, etc. were included.

Drug addiction is a mental illness, get treatment

On the challenges and opportunities of e-learning, Associate Professor of Rohelkhand University Bareilly said that in the period of lockdown, we need to push it in detail. Dr. Nikhil Das, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology at Amroha Degree College, said that intoxication is not only a habit but a mental illness. It should be treated on time. Through statistics, he said that 2.9 crore people in India are dependent substances, i.e, drink alcohol. This figure is increasing. There is a need to stop this mental illness. There are many treatment methods for this disease apart from medicines. He advised that once the person who left the habit starts to get intoxicated again. Therefore caution is necessary.

Lata Pandey, Professor of Home Science Department at DSB Campus, said that the Corona Round should keep itself busy with creative works. Especially young people reduce their screen time. This is necessary for stress management. STH psychologist Dr. Yuvraj Pant said that in this period of uncertainty, people’s fear has reduced. We should be stressed towards work but its negative impact should not be seen on life.



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