Millions looted in the ashram on the strength of arms, people escaped with room locked


Special things
The miscreants took out the money and the jewelry from the flocks of the women who supervised the ashram.
Police absconded after being locked in the room, the information given to the goons, case filed.

Four armed masked miscreants entered the ashram in Kurseli Khanampur village and looted millions of cash and jewelry. The miscreants carried out the crime and escaped after taking the people present in the ashram for about two hours. Somehow the people of the ashram reported the incident to the police. Police reached the spot and investigated. Simultaneously, on the basis of Tahrir, a case has been started by looking for the miscreants.

There is an ashram named Vaishno Devi Charitable Trust on the roadside in Kurseli Khanampur village of the Jhabrera police station area. The ashram is looked after by Mataji Sangeeta Devi. There were four people in the ashram on Sunday night, including Sangeeta Devi, Vimlesh and Sanju. It is being told that all the people were sleeping in their rooms on Sunday night. Meanwhile, around four o’clock in the morning, four miscreants entered inside the ashram. He picked up all the people sleeping in the rooms.

The miscreants carried out the incident in the ashram for about two hours.

The four miscreants had draped cloth over their faces and had guns in their hands. The miscreants took everyone hostage in a room on the strength of the guns and broke the slit of the temple in the ashram complex and took out an amount of about one lakh rupees kept in it. They also took out the gold jewelry from the neck of both the women.

The miscreants carried out the incident in the ashram for about two hours. They searched the entire ashram calmly and took away other food items including dry fruits kept in the ashram while they were looting. Mataji Sangeeta Devi informed the police about the incident on mobile. In a hurry, the police reached the spot and opened the door of the room and freed everyone. Mataji Sangeeta Devi gave police a complaint. SO Ravindra Shah said that a case has been registered on the basis of Tahrir. Also, rogues have to be searched.


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