Mayank Negi, a student of Kotdwar, met PM Modi on ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2020’

Pariksha Pe Charcha

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha, ‘discussion on examinations’ with selected school students from across the country. The selected students met directly with PM Modi through various competitions at Talkatora Stadium in Delhi. In this sequence, Mayank Negi from Kotdwar questioned PM Modi. At the same time, in the schools of the state, the students are invited to show their discussions with the PM.

Mayank Negi from Kotdwar asked PM Modi how much we should focus to get good marks in the exam. Will only Marks determine success?

On this, the PM said that we have now started moving in that direction, where the number is considered important. It is now in the minds of children that I will get the number first, then think later, but today the world has changed a lot, it is not just exam marks but life is just a stop. Numbers are not everything, do not create an ‘if not for anything’ atmosphere for children, the schooling of the farmer is less, but he also learns new things. The examination is important, but life is not just the exam.

This is the third edition of Prime Minister Modi’s discussion on the exam. In which he is giving tips to students and teachers of different classes to deal with stress during the exam. Eleven students from the state have been selected for the ‘Discussion on Examination’ program. Apart from this, the painting of KV ONGC student Anurag Ramola has also been selected for discussion on the exam.


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