March is to end but still the weather here has not stopped the chain of snowfall


In the valleys of Uttarakhand, the chain of snowfall seems not to stop yet. With accumulated snow on the Jankichatti-Yamunotri road, and due to the continuation of snowfall on every evening in the area, reconstruction work in Yamunotri Dham is being affected. The water deposited on the way around Yamunotri Dham is being melted by the water of the Tapt Kund.

In the third week of March also, 5 km from Jankichatti to Yamunotri path is covered with three to four feet of snow. For constructing a bridge in Yamunotri Dham, the contractor has somehow brought the workers to the Dham, but the accumulation of snow on the way is not making it possible. Due to this, construction material is not reaching Yamunotri Dham.

There is heavy snow in the way around the horse staircases in Dham. Tirth Purohit Kuldeep Uniyal, who returned from Yamunotri Dham said that snowfall is happening in the Dham every day during the evening. Heavy snow deposited in the winter is not even melted. He has demanded to speed up the reconstruction work in the Dham by removing the accumulated snow on the way to the Lonivy and Irrigation Department.

Snowfall in Badrinath, Hemkund on Monday
In the Chamoli district on Monday, the weather changed at noon and snowfall started in Niti and Mana Ghatis along with Badrinath, Hemkund Sahib, Valley of flowers, Ghangharia, Rudranath, Lal Mati, Nanda Ghungati and rainfall in the lower areas. People are not getting relief from the cold due to climate change.

Rainfall on 20, also hailstorm is expected
weather in Uttarakhand will change once again. On Tuesday, and Wednesday, there is a possibility of rain with a storm, while the heat is felt during the day, and cold in the evening. People had a scorching heat from Monday morning. With the rise of the day, the heat of the sun made the day hotter. The maximum temperature was recorded at 28.9, the minimum temperature was 10.7 degree Celsius. The maximum temperature was below normal, the minimum temperature was two degrees Celsius below normal.

In Mukteshwar, the maximum temperature was 16.8 degrees Celsius, the minimum temperature was 6.2 degrees Celsius. The maximum temperature was less than one degree Celsius below normal. State Meteorological Center director Vikram Singh said that there will be partly cloudy weather and there is a possibility of light rain or snow falling in the mountainous areas, while on the 20th of March, a storm can occur with rain. Singh said that there could be snowfall in areas with height above 3500 meters.

The weather has changed its colour many times on Monday in Sarovarnagari Nainital. The sun shines from morning till noon. At around one o’clock in the afternoon, clouds gather in the sky. There was light rain there, but then the wind cleared the sky. After three o’clock in the evening, the weather started deteriorating and it was raining from about three o’clock to half an hour.

At the same time, there was torrential rain for one hour on Monday evening in Bhimtal, Bhawali, Dhari, Dhanachuli, Garampani. It has increased the cold. The hover had faced problems due to the rain, while the farmers expressed their hope of benefiting the wheat and fruit from the rains. Read more posts…


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