Many pathology labs are running unofficially in Dehradun

pathology labs

You get a test done in pathology because you have confidence in its report and based on that report you are treated. But if the test is done poorly then your report can be messed up and your treatment too.

Pathology centers have opened up like mushrooms in the streets of the city. These labs are openly ignoring standards. The situation is that even the minimum standard is not being followed. There are clear instructions that pathology testing centers will not run without specialist doctors. But in many places, lab technicians are investigating the lab by opening it, whose pathologists association has recently complained to the Director-General of Health. But surprisingly, the officers are still sitting around. A campaign went on about two months ago but stopped after a few days. It is clear that the health department has left the common man in their condition.

Pathologist’s name run

If you are having a blood test, before taking a report, make sure that the lab has a pathologist or not. Somewhere due to the system of ‘jugaad’, the test report is not being given. All such pathology centers are running in the city, where there is no pathologist, just their name is running. Degree holder names have been resorted to meet government standards.

That’s why more private labs opened up

Private lab business has grown rapidly in recent years. The reason for this is said to be that China-made equipment started coming in to investigate. They are very cheap. Barely spending Rs 3-4 lakhs, anyone is buying machines for testing cells like cell counters and sugar. There is no system of lab registration, in such a situation, the government machinery has no fear on the private lab operators.

It is important to check the sample at the right time

Sometimes, according to the doctor, the symptoms are somewhat visible and the report is something else. In this case, two to three times of investigation has to be done. The major reason behind the difference in the report is negligence in the sample collection. The Pathologists Association itself has also raised questions about this. It is recommended to get the examination done by registered pathology. Automated machines have arrived in most pathology centers. It is necessary to reach the sample at the right time. Experts say that the blood sample should be put in the testing machine in two hours for the correct report. If it takes longer than this, then the temperature should be normal, but after four hours examining the sample is sure to affect its quality.

Minimum standard

– To write the registration number, name of the in-charge, available check facility and type on the notice board outside the lab.

– Adherence to Bio-Medical Waste Management.

– Registration and waiting room, toilet facilities.

– Separate rooms for male and female, staff and doctor room.

– Protection of samples and slides.

– There should be separate chambers in case of an HIV screening facility.

– Telephone and mobile number for scheduling.

– Complaint book, electricity and water facilities.

– Signage should be installed outside and inside the lab.

It is necessary to run a lab

– It is necessary for the pathologist to remain on the lab to issue the report.

– The pathologist’s report through digital sign is also not valid.

– Doctors doing PG from MBBS and other departments cannot run labs.

– Lab technicians cannot issue test reports.


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