LPG cylinder prices increased during Unlock 1.0, now cylinders will be sold for this price

LPG cylinder prices

LPG cylinder prices have also increased after the relief in Unlock 1.0. Domestic gas prices have increased by Rs 28.50 since Monday. At the same time, commercial gas cylinders have become expensive by Rs 110. Gas cylinders will be available at a new price in June.

Domestic gas prices have steadily decreased in the last three months due to lower crude oil prices in the international market. Domestic gas cylinders were found at the cheapest prices in the last eight months in May. Overall there was a decrease of Rs 294.50. But prices have risen due to continuous concessions in lockdowns and demand rising globally.

Gas companies have increased LPG prices on Monday. Now domestic gas cylinders will be sold for Rs 610 instead of Rs 581.50. At the same time, the commercial cylinder will be sold for Rs 1171 instead of Rs 1061. There has also been a huge increase in the price of 5 kg cylinders. Now this cylinder will be sold for Rs 352.50 instead of Rs 217. A 5 kg cylinder has been increased by Rs 135.50. Champion Lal, president of the LPG Distributors Association, said that the subsidy was not received for the first time last month when the price of subsidized domestic cylinders came from the goods without subsidized cylinders. Domestic gas prices have not increased much this month. In such a situation it is difficult to get a subsidy. However, the situation will clear up after two days on this.

LPG cylinders will be able to be booked via WhatsApp, BPCL started this facility

BPCL has given a new facility for booking LPG to its consumers. Now consumers can book LPG through WhatsApp also. For this, the company has released a Smartline number. This facility is also going to be an alternative to the software being used regularly. Actually, software often has technical flaws. Naveen Kumar, Area Sales Manager, BPCL, said that for the convenience of the customers, the LPG booking service has been launched through WhatsApp across the country.

Consumers have come to book gas by calling from the registered mobile number so far. Now booking can also be done by sending a message. The consumer has to feed BPCL Smartline number on his mobile. On this, the company will be able to book gas from the registered number of the consumer. BPCL has more than 60 gas agencies in the state. There are about four and a half lakh consumers. Naveen said that both types of consumers will be given the facility of booking via WhatsApp.


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