Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Today 17 leaders will join the Congress in Rahul Gandhi’s rally


In Rahul Gandhi’s rally, 17 major leaders of different parties and organizations can hold hands of the Congress. Manish Khanduri, son of BJP’s marginal leader BC Khanduri, is considered to be a member of the Congress. However, in this case, Congress has an eye on the activists of the BJP. In addition to Khanduri, other people who have proposed to join Rahul Gandhi today former BSP chief Satish Kumar, and Tehri Municipality president Seema Kushali, are being chiefly included.

By connecting people to the party in Rahul Gandhi’s rally, Uttarakhand Congress wants to give the message of its strength to the Central President. This is the reason that after the rally of Rahul Gandhi, many leaders have joined in the party. The leader of the Opposition Dr Indira Hridayesh had stirred the situation just a few days ago by speaking about the joining of a senior BJP leader in Rahul’s rally.

What’s changed in five years, Rahul Gandhi measures
Five years ago, since Rahul Gandhi in Congress rule came to Parade Ground, a lot has changed from Uttarakhand to Delhi till now. After the battle in 2016, what the Congress has done in Uttarakhand, the party has felt very close to it.

On Saturday, when Rahul Gandhi would be speaking at the rally in Parade Ground, at the same time, he would also be trying to measure that how much success has been achieved in getting party after a power struggle. The then national vice president Rahul Gandhi is now the president of the party. His assessment will also set a new direction for Uttarakhand Congress in the coming days.

Rahul Gandhi addressed the parade ground in 2014
In 2014 Rahul Gandhi addressed the election rally of Congress in Parade Ground. Then there was Congress in Delhi and in Uttarakhand too. In Modi magic everything will collapse in such a way, this hope was not for anyone. In 2014 BJP got a huge majority in the Lok Sabha elections. In the year 2017 also, the BJP performed unmatchably in Uttarakhand assembly elections.

The part of the Congress came in such an embarrassing performance, in which it not only got reduced to 11 seats but its senior leader the then Chief Minister Harish Rawat in Uttarakhand lost the elections to two seats. Congress has made a lot of efforts to recover after two years. He has got some success, but the situation where the party was in is still standing away from it.

Rahul will review all the things
Between these situations, Rahul Gandhi will be reviewing all the things while remembering his rally in Doon on Saturday. At the same time, the leaders of Uttarakhand Congress will have another kind of concern. This concern is related to the very7 successful election meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in this Parade Ground in 2017. At that time, in Modi’s rally it was claimed to have more than 80 thousand people.

The capacity of the parade ground is said to be 45 thousand people. In that particular rally of Modi, the people around the ground was also added to people gathered in the ground. Similarly, so many people come to listen to Rahul Gandhi, they will want to gather the full details of the Congress. Keeping this in view, Congress has given a mantra to its leaders and workers which is “to do or die”.

Pritam Singh will have the biggest test
The biggest test of Rahul Gandhi’s electoral rally will be on Congress President Pritam Singh. Just a year and a half ago, the command of the Uttarakhand Congress came in the hands of Pritam Singh. After that, Pritam Singh took the responsibility of the Tharali by-election and the municipal election elections, but now the biggest challenge of the Lok Sabha elections is in the ration of 2:4.

If Rahul Gandhi’s rally is successful then obviously the party will get a spectacular start for the Lok Sabha elections, which is very much needed right now. To say, National Secretary General Harish Rawat, State Incharge Anugrah Narayan Singh, Co-incharge Rajesh Dharmani and Leader of the Opposition Dr Indira Hridayesh are also going to be examined by Rahul’s rally, but the biggest test will be considered as on Pritam Singh. Read more posts…


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