Lok Sabha Elections 2019: This time people will be able to vote without getting engaged in the line

During the Lok Sabha elections, mothers of infants, handicaps, and elderly will not be queued for voting. Employees on duty will get them to vote directly. Handicap voters should not get any problem, for this, volunteers will be assisted with election officials. From bringing the handicap voters from their homes to providing the wheelchair facility will be done at polling booths.

District Election Officer / District Magistrate SA Murugan held a meeting with the election officials on Friday to know about the preparations. The District Magistrate said that it should be ensured that there is no problem of any kind to voters on the day of voting. On the day of polling, they will be provided wheelchair facility at polling booths. There are ramps in the polling stations where there are no ramps. Divisions should get help from NCC, NSS, Scout & Guide for any kind of problem during voting.

Signboards will be placed in many places to provide information
To provide information about the facilities provided to the handicaps by the Election Commission, placing of signboards in many places will be done. The District Magistrate said that on the day of polling, the women coming with their infants, the elderly people would be casting votes without a queue.

In this regard, the Guidelines link has also been issued by the Election Commission. Where there are five handicap voters, there should be at least one wheelchair arrangement. The meeting was attended by Chief Executive Officer GS Rawat, Chief Education Officer Asharani Panuli, District Probation Officer Meena Bist, Program Officer Kshama Bahuguna, BS Purohit and many officers were present.

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