Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Congress will have to give a fire test, challenge to break the huge defeat here

Once again, in Uttarakhand, Congress is faced by the election trials. Since 2014, the huge defeat has been teasing him. Congress’s electoral performance in the last five years has been very bad.

Speaking about the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, he lost the five seats in the state. After this, taking the 2017 Assembly elections, he was the most embarrassing performer in Uttarakhand’s electoral history. Out of 70 seats Congress has got only 11 seats. In light of these facts, the huge challenge to break the huge defeat now stands in front of Congress.

Congress has to do better management of elections in a short span of time. In the Lok Sabha elections, the status of state president Pritam Singh will be on the stake, the biggest election under his leadership is going to be held. National Secretary General Harish Rawat may be in charge of Assam but he will not be in the position of avoiding responsibility if he is downcast in the Congress’s performance in Uttarakhand.

Congress Leaders continue to keep saying that in 2016 the party’s chief leaders have not had any effect on their involvement in the party’s internal war, but the figures say something else. In the elections of 2017, the BJP got 57 seats in 70 seats and the Congress leaders who contested on the BJP ticket, played a key role in this. Marginal leaders like Satpal Maharaj had said goodbye to the Congress during the Lok Sabha elections in 2014, but later the Congress was weakened by the farewells of the leaders like former CM Vijay Bahuguna, Dr. Harak Singh Rawat, Yashpal Arya and Subodh Uniyal.

Without all these leaders, the party has to go this time in the Lok Sabha elections. Actually, the biggest challenge for the Congress is to elevate their own morale. However, in Tharali by-election or the municipal elections, the Congress is always seen struggling against the BJP firmly. But for the Lok Sabha elections, the struggle, efforts and preparations are not possibly seen. Organizational level vulnerabilities are quite clear as glass. How quickly the Congress can overcome this, it will be something observable.

Either one or the other, so far five seats are won by Congress
Talk about the history of Lok Sabha elections in Uttarakhand, it is not that Congress’s performance is always poor. In the elections of 2009, the Congress had cleared the BJP of Uttar Pradesh in the BJP’s elections. Then the Congress won the five seats. Earlier, in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress had won only one seat, then the BJP had three seats. While one seat was won by SP.

Main strength of Congress
Within the state of Uttarakhand, even though the organizational structure is weak in the present, but its biggest strength is its cadre. Before the BJP came to Uttarakhand in the nineties, Congress has been the only power here. His cadre, village to village, alley to alley, is present. This is the reason why the seats of the Congress may have decreased, but its vote percentage is almost steady in every election. Apart from this, he is present to count all the failures of the Central and State Government.

We have complete preparation for the Lok Sabha elections. Even though Congress is defeated in the past, the public has seen the five years of the Modi government and the two-year tenure of the government. This time has been filled with great failures. In collaboration with the public, Congress will uproot the BJP in this election.
– Pritam Singh, State President, Uttarakhand Congress. Read more posts…

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