Lok Sabha Elections 2019: BJP State President gave a statement, said he will be BJP candidate

Between the claimants of the state’s five Lok Sabha Elections seats, the BJP state president, Ajay Bhatt, has made a statement about relying only on the current MPs. Bhatt, who arrived in Nainital on Sunday, told reporters that the party wants that in the Lok Sabha elections, the faces of the claimants will not change from the five seats of the state. However, Bhatt also said that if the new candidate comes, their application will be kept in front of the election committee and the central leadership.

BJP state president Bhatt and Nainital Parliamentarian Bhagat Singh Koshyari had reached the wedding ceremony at the Royal Hotel in Mallital. In the Lok Sabha elections, he talked of the BJP’s victory over the five seats in the state and said that the party was fully prepared. He compared the BJP to the army and said that just as the practice of soldiers continues in peace, the BJP remains in practice all the time.

The decision by the Central Parliamentary Board
Asked about the claimants on the five seats of Lok Sabha, Ajay Bhatt said that the decision of the claimants is the work of the Central Parliamentary Board. Speaking about the state’s seats, the party wants that in the five seats of the state, the old contenders contest elections. Yes, if new candidates come, they will keep their petition in front of the election committee and the central leadership.

At the same time, the state president commented on the Congress saying that the Congress party has remained a party to spread illusions, which is running on the policy of Hit and Run. Said that at this time where everyone should be one, Congress is question marking on air strikes and surgical strikes. Regarding its claim, the party’s order will be valid, if the party wants it will come forward. During this time, District President Pradeep Bisht, Ravi Kanyal, BJP city president Manoj Joshi, Kundan Bisht, Arvind Padiyar, Bhupendra Bisht, Gopal Rawat, Vishwaketu Vaidya, Shanti Mehra etc. were present.

Bhagat says youth should get an opportunity
During the press briefing, MP Bhagat Singh Koshyari said that even before 2019, they have been serving the society, they will also be doing the same in the future. Asked about the claim in the Lok Sabha, he always wants to bring the younger generation forward. Young people should get an opportunity to represent and come forward. Read more posts…

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