Lok Sabha election results in 2019: Counting of votes in so many stages in Uttarakhand today, all prepared


The counting of the Lok Sabha election Result will be held in the minimum 10 and maximum 16 phases on Thursday. District Magistrate SA Murugan reviewed the preparedness for the counting of votes. Here they check the security system, CCTV cameras, internet connectivity, etc.

The District Magistrate said that the counting of votes of Vikasnagar, Rajpur, and Cantt assembly constituencies will be done in 10 rounds and in 16 rounds in Chakrata, Raipur, and Dharmpura. He said that first counting of 138 booths of Vikasnagar in 10 and 153 of Rajpur, 142 booths of Cantt will be completed in 11 rounds. EVM’s counting booth number will continue till one to end.

Lok Sabha election Result

300 policemen to be deployed for safety
The District Magistrate briefed the counting officers about the counting of votes and procedures after that. He told the Legislative Assistant Returning Officers to go to EVM’s counting table and tell all the workers engaged with them during the counting of votes.

Assistant Returning Officers were told to check all the tables and rooms in their own rooms and see if the camera, light, mic, sound system, etc. are all working properly. Apart from this, he gave instructions on keeping videography special attention. He also told the process of sealing EVMs properly after counting.

On the day of counting, 300 policemen will be deployed at the Maharana Pratap Sports Stadium. SP City Shweta Chaubey told that a company BSF has also reached Dehradun for duty. In addition, the security of the counting place will be in the hands of four CO and 12 SO. Briefing of security personnel will also be done on Wednesday at 10 a.m. Read more posts…


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