Lok Sabha election 2019: Atal and Advani’s generation end in BJP

With the battle of Lok Sabha elections of Garhwal MP General BC Khanduri and Nainital Parliamentarian MP Bhagat Singh Koshyari, the era of leaders of Atal and Advani’s generation in the BJP’s state has also ended.

Both of these veteran politicians, Atal and Advani, are among the most prominent and leading leaders. Umradraj Khanduri did not contest elections due to health reasons. While the koshyari refused to contest elections with the intention of giving the opportunity to new people.

The impact of senior leaders has diminished
Gen. Khanduri was the Union Minister of Road and Transport in the Atal Government. He was considered the closest minister of the then Prime Minister. Atal gave him a free hand.

After the outburst of Atal’s active politics and the elevation of Modi-Shah’s new couple in Advani’s place, the impact of the older leaders has diminished. After the formula for not paying tickets to 75 crossed leaders, the political journey of Khanduri and Koshyari was considered to be a breakdown.

Second generation leaders started
But just before the Lok Sabha elections, the party changed its decision. However, the two most experienced and hard-hitting leaders of the state refused to contest the elections.

With the separation of these two leaders from active politics, a new round of leaders of the second generation has started. Apart from this generation, including Trivendra, Pant, Dhami, Kaushik, Subodh, Dhansingh Rawat, Teerath Singh Rawat, Ajay Tamta, Nishank, who are in the election field, are included. Read more posts…

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