Liquor scandal: Police arrest 24 people, rampage on digging out liquors from the ground

After the death of people suffering from poisonous liquor in the villages of Bhagwanpur Tehsil, the campaign of police against illegal liquor continued for the second day. On Sunday, the police launched operations in different places in the district and arrested 24 people and caught huge quantity of raw and domestic liquor.

Haridwar Kotwali Police arrested Deepak Pandey son of Gaurav Pandey, residents of Vankhandi Rishikesh with 40 pegs, Jitendra aka Hari Om son of Ashok Kumar resident of Tank no. 6 Mayapur with 28 pegs of Desi liquor. Jwalapur Police arrested Billu son of Satku resident of Valmiki Basti with 42 pegs, and Dinesh son of late Dharampal resident of Rajiv Nagar Basti, for illegal liquor supply.

Ranipur Police near Ravidas temple arrested Bala wife of Bhup Singh with 57 pegs, Shyampur police arrested Shambhu Prasad son of Buddha Prasad resident of Rikshadi Jagdishpur Bihar Hall, Chandi Ghat Majra, with 91 pegs, Surekha Wife of Vinod resident Dandiyan Wala was caught with five litres of raw alcohol. Kankhal police caught Phool Singh son of Kanak Singh, Ghanshyam son of Kanak Singh resident of Jagjitpur with 14 grams of drugs.

Similarly, Bahadarabad police, Bhagwanpur police, Roorkee police arrested many raw liqour and drugs smugglers from their respective areas. On the other side, the Piran Kaliar police, caught 27 liters of raw liquor and 40 pegs, Kanpur police, caught 40 pegss, Bukgavala police10 litres of raw liquor from the villagers.

59 cases filed in three days
In the last three days, in a large scale liquor smugglers were arrested and heavy quantities of liquor were also recovered. Police carried out raids in the district on February 8 under the campaign. Police registered 59 illegal liquor lawsuits and arrested 54 liquor smugglers. 6760 pegs, 147 litress of raw liquor, 40 pegs of English liquor was recovered from the possession of the accused.

Question on excise department’s search campaign
In the way the villagers started the campaign in the fields and houses and found the raw liquor dug in the land, the question of debate on the search campaign of the excise department has started. The Excise Department is running a search campaign for two days in village Ballupur. The teams are claiming to work day-to-day on the instructions of the government. Despite this, why did not the illegal and the smugglers get into their hold?

“Recently, Iqbalpur police station in charge and some villagers had some misunderstanding. Later the villagers were explained. Now the matter is completely peaceful”, said Das Rawat, CO Mangalore.

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