Leopard attack harms a young man and a cow

Tirthanagari and the surrounding area are trembled by the attack of leopard. On Wednesday night, a young man, who went to a small doubt outside the house, got attacked by the leopard.
The courageous young man struggled with the leopard for five minutes. He got injured in this struggle. The nearby people gathered and the leopard ran away from there. About one and a half hour after this incident it attacked a cow in the same area and wounded him.
According to the evidence, around 8:15 pm on Wednesday night Ashish Maurya (19), son of Vikramjeet Maurya, a resident of the street no.1, Gupta Basti, Someshwar Nagar, Rishikesh went out of the house for a small doubt.
Meanwhile, already prepared to trap leopard, attacked Ashish from behind. It attacked the head, face and back of Ashish. For about five minutes Ashish fought with it, but he did not allow it to reach his throat. In the meanwhile, leopard hearing noises from people fled somewhere and Ashish ran away to the colony. He gave information about the whole incident. The people of the neighborhood reached a nearby clinic with Ashish where he was treated.
After getting the information about the incident, the regional councillor Ram Avatari Panwar arrived on the spot. He said that after attacking the youth, the leopard attacked and injured a cow here after about one and a half hour after wounding him. Rishikesh range officer was notified but till late at night, the team of the department did not come on the spot.
Municipal Corporation Shiv Kumar Gautam accusing the forest department of negligence in this matter, said that when the leopard prone area was active in the last two months, the department should have been patrolling the area but it was not so.

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