Legal opinion sought for the approval of plots of 350 bighas

In the case of plots of proposed secretariat housing co-operative society on 350 bighas in Bharuwala Grant near Kargi, the rear has decided to seek a legal opinion. Rear has taken this step after all the points raised in the report of the administration’s inquiry committee.
Recently, the inquiry committee, headed by Additional District Magistrate (Finance and Revenue) Bir Singh Budhial, mentioned in its report that stamp duty of 85 lakh rupees has been stolen directly in the procurement of plots. This amount has been estimated to be more than one crore rupees.
In this case, the administration has sat in detailed investigations through sub-registrars at its level. While the games made in the passage of the layout, the river-area land also came under JD, ignoring the rules of the NGT, not complying with the rules of the rear, the question raised of the validity of the cooperative committee, etc. through the concerned department has been suggested to be done.
At the same time, the permission for plotting in the proposed colony of the committee is pending at the rear level and the investigation report has also been sent to the rear. In such a situation, Rear President Vishnu Kumar had earlier asked Chief Engineer of Uttarakhand Housing and Urban Development Authority (UDA), NS Rawat, to test the case.
However, now to protect the complexity of the case and the investors from fraud, the Rear Speaker has given instructions to blow up the legal opinion of the case. This is because many of the government personnel have invested in buying plots here. In such a way, the approval of plots without proper investigation can get be trapped by the employees’ money because many of the personnel have still not paid the full amount.

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