Lambi Dehar Mines Dehradun

A place known in the list of most haunted places in the country, Lambi Dehar Mines carry the agony of 50,000 workers which date back to the early 1990s. Deserted houses, with the eerie chills, even the locals refuse to venture near these mines post-sunset as they believe blood-curdling shrieks can be heard in the deathly silence of the night. Some of the tourists have also reported to the strange and unusual sounds that can be heard near the mines. An evidence of the unusual energies near the place is not only the road crashes that take place but a helicopter that crashed near the mines. Spread along the stretch of a few kilometres, this place has plenty of mysteries attached to it. To explore these there have been a lot of brave people who have explored the place after the dusk sets in and there will be many more who will unearth these mysteries.

It is said the accident that took place in Lambi Dehar Mines resulted in the death of thousands of mineworkers and was caused due to lagging security precautions. Because of this they faced serious lung problems and eventually started coughing blood which led to the death of these workers. The mine was shut down years ago due to this incident and is closed till now but has become a famous tourist place. It lies on a stretch near Mussoorie, which is one of the highly visited hill-station by tourists.

Another ghost story that is believed to be from this place is an Army officer who used to reside in Mussoorie and had a beautiful wife. There is no evidence stating that whether the officer was a part of the British Army or the Indian Army. The legends quote the story, that his wife was cheating on him with another man and wanted to get rid of him. So there was a murder planned, where the wife took the officer for a walk along the mines. It was said that her lover was waiting for them on top of the cliff and as soon as the couple passed down below the spot, he hurled a big boulder towards the couple. The wife knew what was planned and ran to safety, but the poor husband, the Army Officer was crushed under the boulder. The spirit of the unfortunate Army Officer is still said to be trapped at the mines, forced to repeat the scene of his death every night, over and over again for eternity, with painful cries being heard.

The third legend is of a witch who has taken shelter in the mines and has been responsible for several deaths that have occurred at this place. The story is of a wife of a local miner who was said to have an extra-marital affair. As the husband came to know about it, the lover of the wife had taken off and she ran and hid in the mines. The husband ruthlessly killed the children he had with his wife. She came out of hiding after three days, and as soon as she heard of the murder of her children, swept with guilt and fear she jumped off the cliff to end her life. To this day it is said that her soul is trapped in the Lambi Dehar Mines. There were numerous deaths reported after that day, and the mines came to be known as death pit.
Another tale that haunts this place is of a woman who hallucinates heard an explosion, but when she went on an enquired about it with her husband who was working in the mines, he went down to enquire that everything was safe and sound. That is when the explosion actually happened ad killed her husband. It is said that the spirit of the woman still wanders in pain trying to save her husband.

India has millions of mysterious stories that are hidden in the corners of the ‘haunted’ destinations. Just not only for the people of the country but also for foreign tourists, India has always been a favorite destination for the people who love exploring the mysteries. Lambi Dehar mines with one of the most intriguing histories in Uttarakhand. It is favorable place youngsters who search for a place to hang-out, and the most beautiful scenery for shutterbugs to explore the area and capture it in their lenses. Uttarakhand is a state with beauty dispersed in every corner, in every city with a unique feel to it. But the mysteries that underly this region are far more-older than can be expected. May it be truth or just an illusion but there have been numerous paranormal activities that have been reported, the chills people get, the vibes the negative and positive energies that surround these places. Dehradun, a one of its kind city, has many places to visit, and many mysterious stories that have remained unsolved for years. A must visit to unveil the mystery, to capture the moment, and enjoy its beauty.