Laborers go walking on the road to go home


The patience of hundreds of workers waiting for the train and other means to go home responded. About 150 workers left for the railway station on foot from Jakhan in Rajpur. When the police saw them on the way, they asked the reason for leaving in this way. The workers said that all of them have registered, but so far no information has been given regarding sending them home. They came to know that the train will be going from Dehradun. In such a situation, they are going to catch a train. The police persuaded everyone to calm down and stay at DBS College.

In the morning, dozens of workers were going from Rajpur Road via the Jakhan area towards the Clock tower. When they were passing through the LAU worker Pushpa Rawat, she talked to the workers. Workers reported that they hail from Saharsa Bihar and was stationed at a place around Jakhan. There were neither food and drink arrangements nor to send them home.

The LIU personnel informed the officials about this. LAU Inspector Devendra Negi reached the spot, but by then the workers had reached Dilaram Chowk. The police persuaded everyone from here to DBS College on the lane from Pine Hall School, next to Jal Sansthan, via Old Survey Road, where they are currently sheltered. Police also arranged for everyone’s food here.

Migrants arrived from Delhi by 13 buses

The Pravasi Sports College arrived in Delhi on Wednesday in 13 buses. Out of the 50 buses sent to Delhi, 25 have returned with the migrants. SP Traffic Prakash Chandra said that migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Delhi were sent to their homes after a general health checkup.

This includes 779 people including 299 from Tehri, 156 from Pauri, 2 from Chamoli, 3 from Haridwar, 34 from Nainital, 92 from Almora, 28 from Champawat, 79 from Bageshwar, 79 from Pithoragarh, 7 from Udham Singh Nagar. At the same time, 40 people of Muzaffarnagar and 3 people of Nagina were also sent to their home district. Apart from this, 585 people from Uttar Pradesh, 374 from Bihar, 105 from Jharkhand, 42 from Madhya Pradesh, 9 from Nepal, and 14 from Punjab were sent to their state.


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