Labor laws will be reformed to woo investors in Uttarakhand

labor laws

In order to attract investors in the state, reforms are going on in labor laws. In this case, the cabinet has approved the proposal to not create more than three unions in industries. At the same time, the matter of amending the Industrial Disputes Act is with the Cabinet Committee. Apart from this, preparations are on to relax other labor laws. After Corona, India is now seen as a major investment destination after China.

Foreign companies are looking for new destinations in other countries instead of China. India sees this as a big opportunity for foreign investment. In such a situation, the Ministry of Commerce has asked all the states to improve the industrial environment and amend the labor laws. The objective is that foreign companies can get a favorable environment for investment here. In this sequence, the Ministry of Commerce is also constantly in touch with all the states. In this episode, labor laws are also being changed in Uttarakhand. Under this, some time ago, a proposal was brought in the Uttarakhand cabinet regarding changes in labor laws.

It said that only thirty percent or 250 employees could be formed in factories. Its purpose was stated to reduce industrial disputes. Apart from this, the number of unions has also been limited. In the cabinet too, the issue of amendment of the Industrial Disputes Act was brought up in the past. There was no consensus in the cabinet on this. In fact, it was recommended to keep most of the industries outside its purview.

Hence, the issue was referred to the Cabinet Committee constituted under the chairmanship of Labor Minister Harak Singh Rawat and Cabinet Minister Madan Kaushik. It is yet to be decided. Labor Minister Harak Singh Rawat says that a committee meeting will be held soon, in which all aspects will be decided after consideration. It is the government’s priority to prepare a conducive environment for the companies coming for investment in the state.


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