Kumaun University has launched the software ‘Urkund’, a stolen thesis will not be accepted

In order to prevent literary theft in research, Kumaun University has applied the software ‘Urkund’. Now researchers will have to check the thesis first. The certificate from Urkund should be submitted with the thesis.

UGC has created this software by contracting with a Swedish company. As soon as a research paper is uploaded to Urkund, it matches it with its pre-existing research, and a collection of literature.

The software shows the title of the thesis, matching materials from other research, and the unreferenced statements. Assuming the theft of literature, it tells its percentage. When referring to the statement made by any person and other material taken through the medium, completely described, including the medium in the treatise, Urkund considers it material theft as per rules.

The idea is to allow the use of untouched material for at least 20 percent of the research paper. Dr. Yugal Joshi, Senior Information Scientist of the University informed that the material used on the description of the link of the website related to the information received from the website is valid.

It has been observed that while the researcher writes the thesis, they also take the material from such mediums, where the name of the author is not recorded.

UGC’s strict instructions to follow
Urkund is being made effective in Kumaon University by following strict instructions from the UGC regarding the research work. Earlier, many big universities in the country have started testing the thesis through this software.
-Pro. DK Naudiyal, Vice Chancellor of the Kumaon University

According to the new rules of DK Naudiyal, VC, Kumaon University, UGC, the Ph.D. thesis will be examined through Urkund and after that only, the evaluation of the thesis will be taken. It is mandatory for the researcher to apply the certificate obtained from Urkund with the thesis.
– Pro. Rajiv Upadhyaya, Director of Research, Kumaon University

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