Knock of swine flu amid Corona’s panic, stir in eight patients confirmed in Dehradun

swine flu

Health Department sampled 52 patients for the previous and this month
Most patients have been discharged after treatment
Health department team reached home to take samples of victims’ families

Amidst the panic of Coronavirus, eight patients in the capital were agitated after swine flu was confirmed. However, most of these patients have been discharged from the hospital after treatment. At the same time, after the swine flu has been confirmed, the health department team is trying to take samples of the victims’ families.

The health department sampled 52 patients with suspected symptoms of swine flu during the last two months. He was sent to the National Center for Disease Control (NCDC) Delhi for investigation. The investigation report has confirmed swine flu in nine patients. CMO Dr. Meenakshi Joshi has confirmed this. She said that most of the patients have recovered and returned home after treatment. This included patients from three other states, who were treated in different hospitals of the state. Five were from Uttarakhand.

At the same time, on Tuesday, the Health Department team went to the victims’ house and took samples of the relatives. Due to swine flu contagious disease, family members are also expected to suffer from it. Apart from this, departmental officials also informed people about the prevention and treatment of the disease.

Do not ignore these symptoms
Even slight negligence in the case of swine flu can prove fatal. Being viral, its initial symptoms are similar to other common seasonal diseases. Therefore, it is not easily identified. In such cases, the doctor advises starting treatment immediately.

After the swine flu cases came up, advisory has been issued to hospitals by the Chief Medical Officer. All hospitals have been instructed to construct isolation wards and make available information on suspected patients immediately.

According to doctors, if treatment is started on time, then the harm caused by swine flu can be reduced. Also, taking some precautions can be prevented from swine flu. The patient does not need medication in the initial stage. The body uses stored immunity to deal with the disease, but if the disease is not controlled after this, the disease can prove to be fatal.

Symptoms of swine flu
– Frequent runny nose and sneezing.
– Constant cough and too much mucus.
– Severe headache.
– Too much fatigue, insomnia.
– Muscle stiffness and pain.
– Sore throat.
– Continuous fever rising.

Here’s how to protect
– Do not take cough or cold lightly.
– Avoid visiting crowded places.
– Avoid shaking hands and hugs.
– Do not go into the crowd without wearing a mask.
– Be careful while going to the hospital.
– Do not go to swine flu affected areas.
-Keep a handkerchief while coughing and sneezing.

Initially, the difference between swine flu and a common cold cannot be differentiated. Swine flu becomes life-threatening. It is most important that the patient is transported to the hospital at the right time. Timely treatment can save the patient’s life.
– Dr. Meenakshi Joshi, CMO


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