Kashipur railway station awaits COVID coach

COVID coach

The announcement of making Kashipur a COVID station is about a month away, but COVID coaches have not arrived here yet. In view of the war from Corona, the Railways had decided to convert the AC and Ordinary coaches into COVID Care Centers and turn 215 stations also into COVID Care Centers.

Kashipur and Haridwar stations from Uttarakhand were also included in this announcement made on May 7. Rajendra Singh, PRO of Railways, said that Bareilly, Farrukhabad, and Kasganj stations are included in this region in the first list. COVID coaches have been sent there. The name of Kashipur has not been listed yet. Coaches will be made available as soon as the names are in the list.

Isolation ward being done in LD Bhatt Hospital itself, Isolation ward in Kashipur is running on the strength of 31 beds of LD Bhatt Hospital. The need to increase beds is being felt. The quarantine center is also running almost full, the rooms in the paid quarantine center are also full rooms. On the other hand, hundreds of migrants are returning home daily from Bijnor and Moradabad. In such a situation, the COVID coach is waiting.

A special feature of COVID coaches: A total of 12 coaches have been appointed in each rake for COVID coaches. The coach’s standard structure has 10 coach-covered care centers, one second AC coach and one SLR. Eight cabins have been built for patients in one coach. With a transparent plastic screen, the first cabin in the isolation ward in each coach is for physicians and paramedical staff. In this oxygen facility, medicines, equipment, etc. will be available for the patients. The remaining eight cabins are designed for patients.

The isolation ward has Indian-style toilet converted into a bathroom. Along with mosquito nets, there will also be a system of ventilation. Each cabin will have three separate dustbin (red, blue, yellow) with foot paddle operated lid to dispose of dry waste, wet waste and hazardous waste.

There is no dearth of resources in Kashipur at present. The state government has adequate arrangements to fight COVID, so there is no need for COVID coach here.


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