Kashipur depot-Sir! You come to Kashipur, we will sell the entire depot – an audio clip

Kashipur depot

The audio of the AGM of Kashipur depot of Roadways is recorded during the duty while demanding bribe from a conductor on the route. The audio clip also reached the Roadways headquarters in Dehradun on Friday. The clip also mentions that Kashipur depot will be sold. Roadways Managing Director Ranveer Singh Chauhan has ordered the Divisional Manager of Haldwani to investigate and report by Tuesday. The Managing Director has stated that departmental action will be taken on the basis of the report.

According to information received from Roadways headquarters, a primary investigation was conducted on the complaint of an audio clip being voiced. It is alleged that in the said clip, Anil Saini, the current AGM of Kashipur depot, is having a conversation with someone on mobile. It is alleged that Anil Saini is demanding a bribe in return for imposing a duty on the person talking from the other side. The person talking from the other side also talks about the amount previously paid to the AGM and states that he once paid 50 rupees and the second time 100 rupees. The AGM is angry at him and says that he will have to pay for the number of days in a month. Meanwhile, another person says, “Sir, come to Kashipur, we will sell the entire depot.” This clip is being told before Saini takes charge of the depot. Saini was made Depot AGM six months ago.

..Clip is seven months old

According to headquarters sources, the clip is about seven months old. This clip is from the time when Anil Saini was posted as traffic superintendent in the checking squad of the Haldwani division. The person who is talking from the other side is being said to be the operator of the contract-running maxi-cab at the Transport Corporation in Kumaon division. According to the information received from the headquarters, cab operators pay bribes to avoid checking on the route, so that nine instead of seven can board the ride. Not only this, but there are also complaints against them for not giving tickets. Surprisingly, the operator is telling Saini to come to Kashipur depot and sell the depot, and after about a month Saini also came to become the AGM of Kashipur depot.

Fierce corruption

This is not a new case of corruption in roadways. Complaints of corruption are being received during duty to route checking. There are also cases of carrying goods on buses and without logbooks. Despite this, its management did not agree to take any strict steps.


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