Jim Corbett National Park has the highest budget in the country’s eight tiger reserves

Corbett Tiger Reserve

The budget of Corbett Tiger Reserve (CTR) for the conservation of tigers is increasing year after year. To increase the number of tigers in Corbett, the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA) has also increased the budget for the protection and conservation of tigers in the last three years. Corbett Park has got the highest budget in eight tiger reserves in the country.

Under Project Tiger, funds are provided by NTCA, Government of India and State Government for various works in CTR. Most of this amount belongs to NTCA. Some portions of the budget are given by the state government to Corbett.

The budget was demanded from the NTCA in the past May by the CTR administration for the year 2020-21. The budget, released in October every year, was approved three months ago in June itself. This time a budget of 19.8 crores has been approved. Out of which 14.8 crores will be given by NTCA. The remaining budget will be given by the state government. NTCA has released Rs. 6.14 crore as the first installment out of 16.9 crores.


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