Invitation for next Kumbh Mela 2-years prior

Cabinet Minister and Government spokesman Madan Kaushik took blessing from Shankaracharya Swarupananda Saraswati on Wednesday during a three-day tour of Prayagraj Kumbha Mela. He also invited him to come to Haridwar Mahakumbh in 2021.
Kaushik had earlier also met the other monk saints, including Kailashanand Maharaj, Prakash Maharaj, Kamaldas, and gave an invitation to Haridwar Mahakumbh. He said that the experience gained from the excursion of Prayagraj Kumbh will be taken in the Haridwar Maha Kumbh. He was accompanied by MLA Arjun Chauhan, Deputy Manish Manish Singh, Naresh Sharma, and others.

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