Inter-district vehicle operation will start soon in Uttarakhand

inter-district vehicles

Soon uninterrupted inter-district vehicles may start operating in the state. That is, the obligation of the pass can now be eliminated. The idea is to create such a system so that all information can be kept in relation to the passengers. The purpose is to search for contacts in case someone is found corona infected.

At present, there is no complete relaxation of inter-state and inter-district traffic. There are strict rules for the arrival of inter-state vehicles, while the rules for operating inter-district vehicles have been relaxed. Now one can go from one district to another district by getting a pass from the District Magistrate of the respective districts. Now lockdown 4 is about to end and lockdown 5 is likely to be further relaxed. Economic activities have started in the state.

Industries are being given speed, in such a situation, preparations are being made to relax the rules of moving from one district to another within the state. The aim is to promote tourism activities at the local level now. Actually, tourism is the biggest source of revenue of the state, and the economy of millions of people is associated with it. Despite the commencement of business activities, people in the tourism industry are still not getting relief. In view of this, the government is now seriously considering easing the operation of inter-district vehicles.


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