Instructions were given by the Hospital Administration, looking for a job fraudster at Doon Hospital


Three youths applied to work at Doon Hospital were given fake job offers and ID-cards, also looted a lot of money from them. The one who was behind was nowhere found on Tuesday. The hospital administration has instructed the security personnel to hand over the lady to the police immediately after she appears in the hospital.

The girl whose name was mentioned behind the fraudulent in the hospital has been living in the hospital for a long time. Often wearing apron she would be seen in doctors’ cabin and walking along with nurses. After the case was found on Monday, the hospital administration instructed the security personnel to keep an eye on her. At the same time, the police were to be immediately informed. However, she did not appear in the Yuvati hospital all day on Tuesday. It is being told that the woman sits in the plaster room most of the time these days. There are various types of discussions about the close relation of the girl with a pharmacist of the hospital.

Suspicious role of hospital personnel
In this entire case, the role of some employees of the hospital is also being questioned. It is believed that in her defence, the woman prepared fake appointment letters and ID-cards of the hospital. The girl is being told to be close to some of the physicians, which she used to take advantage of in the forgery.

CMO’s name was also sprung
Some time ago a former CMO’s name was sprung up for demanding money in the name of appointment. However, his role was not found involved later. Even then, questions were raised about the role of this young woman. It was told that this young woman had taken money from the people in the name of CMO.


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