Instead of three, one-and-a-half years of PhD degrees, without entrance exam given admission

The degree of Ph.D. in the Uttarakhand Technical University of the state is distributed like sweets. Neither need to take entrance exams here nor need to research for three years. If there is just a good setting, then a Ph.D. degree in one and a half years and admission without entrance test is available.

It has been revealed in the primary report of the inquiry committee formed on the order of the government. In this report, the recommendation of the Vigilance investigation of the whole case as well as legal action has been recommended against the culprits. In order to examine the PhD of Technical University, the government issued orders for investigation on March 19, 2018. If the committee starts the investigation then the PhD forgery is going to be revealed layer-by-layer.

In this case, instructions were received from the governance. Action is being taken in the case.
– Prof. Anita Rawat, Registrar, Technical University

This is revealed in the forgery
-In 2009, four research scholars were registered and they were awarded degrees in 2010 on different dates. While their registration was transferred from different universities here. It is not mentioned here under which rule it came and how they got the degree.

-In 2009, 10 different research scholars were registered. One Research Scholar was registered in 2010. Viva took place in 2011. The shocking thing is that all of them were cleared for Viva in just a year and seven months of registration. While there should be at least three years of time according to the rule.
-From 2013 to 21 April 2018, the University has given PhD degree to 284 students, but many students do not have any information in the university. Even the guidelines were changed without following the rules.

-In the 2017 PhD entrance examination, there was a large amount of disturbances. The students who did not take the exam were passed. Students who did not meet the minimum qualification were also registered in PhD.

-The computer science student’s thesis was checked by a professor of civil engineering, after which the PhD degree was awarded.

-Neither rules were followed in the PhD entrance examination of 2017 nor any record of examination is available. Therefore, it has been recommended to declare this examination as Zero and to take legal action against the guilty.

In case of non-action, the registrar under circle of queries
On the basis of the primary investigation report four months ago, the administration had not taken any action till the government had given instructions to the university to take action. While the former caretaker Vice Chancellor had recommended action in January, the action has not taken place till date. So, the methodology of the University’s Registrar has come under the inquiry.

During my tenure I had ensured compliance with the UGC Regulations in Ph.D. The entrance examination was also conducted with full transparency. The case of any investigation is not in my cognizance. Read more posts…
-Pro. PK Garg, former Vice-Chancellor, Technical University

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