Ineffectiveness of HC may turn the case against Umesh

It is feared that the ineffectiveness of Uttarakhand High Court might take the decision against Umesh Kumar, CEO of private news channel arrested for attempting sting operation. The sting operation attempted on Chief Minister and Additional Chief Secretary, a maze created by the police, in the beginning, was felt that the police was in the mood of effective action. Rather, acting on the arrest of private channel CEO Umesh Kumar, the functioning of the police gave the complete opportunity to rescue the other accused.

The Umesh Party raised the question to both the government and the police by bolting the High Court to the cancellation by questioning the case, as one by one the other four accused managed to get relief from the High Court.

The apprehension regarding Umesh, police officers reversed complete knowledge in front of government advocates. They suggested that the intention behind sting operation was to destabilize the government. To fight legal battle firmly, the help of big lawyers should be taken during the hearing of the case. It is now to see that the government’s advocates take this advice of the government very seriously as they lacked in their effectiveness during this case.

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