Indore and Kathgodam Express will be canceled till 7 February

Dehradun-Indore Express (14318) and Dehradun-Kathgodam Express (14120) will be canceled from today till February 7, 2020. Apart from this, Allahabad-Dehradun Express (14113) will be operated till Aligarh.

Additional station superintendent Sitaram Sonkar said that due to the remodeling of the Dehradun yard, the operation of trains from Dehradun will be completely stopped between 10 November 2019 and 7 February 2020. In the same sequence, the operation of Indauri (Indore) and Kathgodam Express has been canceled for three months from Friday.

The tatkal ticket office will be built at Harrawala railway station

During the mega block, Nanda Devi Express and Jan Shatabdi Express will reach Harrawala station only. Doon railway station will remain closed for the next 45 days after 10 November. In such a situation, the Railways has started an exercise to increase facilities at Harrawala station. Commercial Inspector SK Agarwal of Doon Railway Station said that VIP people also travel from Shatabdi and Nanda Devi. In such a situation, there is scope to increase facilities in Harrawala. For this, a proposal was sent to the Divisional Office, which has been approved. Before 10 November, immediate ticket counters, ticket cancel counters, food counters, and cleanliness arrangements will be made smooth in Harrawala.

Rapti Ganga to Najibabad and Yoga Express will run from Meerut

As of February 8, where many trains have been canceled, there has been a change in the starting station of some trains. Ahmedabad Mail will operate from Meerut, Doon Gorakhpur (Raptiganga) and Doon-Muzaffarpur Najibabad. Recently, due to doubling work on the Lakshar-Haridwar railway line, the movement of trains had affected the passengers. Due to yard remodeling work in Doon, travelers will have to face problems again for about three months. The passengers of Dehradun will have more trouble, they will have to come to Haridwar and other stations to catch the train.

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