India free from Polio Monster since 2014

The Guinness and Limca Book record holder, Dr. B K S Sanjay, in Polio awareness programme at Jakhan, Dehradun said that India is free from polio since March 14, 2014. The free polio camp and awareness lecture were organized by Sanjay Orthopaedic, Spine & Maternity Centre and SHEWA Society Dehradun on Wednesday.

            In the camp inaugurated by Vice Chancellor, HNB Uttarakhand Medical Education University, Hem Chandra Pandey, Dr. Sanjay said, “Polio is a mother of not just physical disability but mental, social and economic disability. Particularly if the patient is a poor woman the polio disability becomes a monster.”

            He further said, “That means there are no new cases of polio. But there are hundreds of thousands of old cases of polio which are causing a major social and economic problem to our nation” while mentioning the freedom India got from Polio. He describes the reason behind as the muscular imbalance that causes deformity in polio. “The unopposed powerful muscles pull the joint in one direction which causes the deformity. There are only two types of operation either reducing the strength of a powerful muscle or augment the power of weak muscles. If in spite of muscles tendon transfer, joint does not become stable then joint has to be fused,” he said.

            He also said, “The polio surgery is very rewarding. The simple surgery can change the gait of the polio patient and ultimately his life.”

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