Incredible passion and enthusiasm: These youngsters are preparing for the Olympics in the Himalayan lap

Incredible passion and enthusiasm

Uttarakhand is not only called Devbhoomi. The natural powers here impart the youth with excitement, positive energy and enthusiasm, and that is the path to success. Perhaps this is the reason that the lowlands’ youth are reaching the Himalayan lap (Bageshwar) to prepare for the Olympics.

In Jolkande, just seven km away from the city, four youth from Jaunpur, Meerut of U.P., and Delhi are preparing for the Olympic Games 2020. All four of them performed physical exercise, including trekking 20km in the morning, yoga, meditation, in Jolkande from April 4th. These young people believe that success can be earned by preparing for sports and education from here.

Vinay, the three-time national champion
Vinay Badana, a resident of Meerut, told that he was the National Champion three times. His goal is to play for India in the Olympics 2020. Vinay says that the new energy is transmitted from the Himalayan philosophy and it works double times enthusiastically.

Ankit has participated in the Army National Games
Ankit Yadav, a resident of Jaunpur, in UP, who has participated in the Army National Games, is a soldier in the army. His aim is to bring glory to the country by winning a medal in the upcoming Olympic games. He has once participated in the Army National Games. He says that the Jolkande environment is suitable for the preparation of the game.

Yogesh returned to the village with the goal of Olympics
Yogesh Bhatt, who has completed B. Tech and participated in All India University Games three times, is originally from the same village, but currently lives in Delhi. He reached here with the goal of winning a medal in the 2020 Olympics.

Ram Charan has participated in Asian Games three times
Ram Karan Singh, who resides in Delhi, has participated in the Asian Games three times. He says that Jolkande is a prominent place to prepare for study and sports as well. There is always a flow of positive thoughts. He won a silver medal in the Asian Games in Korea, Seoul in 2014 and in Guangzhou, China in 2010. He has won silver medal twice in 2018. Read more posts…


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