Increase in rates of VIP numbers, know the starting of bidding for your favorite number

The government has approved increasing the price of online bids of vehicles’ VIP numbers in order of the cabinet decision. For this, the manual has been amended. Under this, bidding for 0001 and 0786 numbers will now start from Rs 1 lakh. Apart from this, the bid of a single-digit number, i.e 0002 to 0009 will start from 25 thousand and the remaining notified VIP numbers will start from Rs 10,000. Now any person in the state can open a pollution investigation center. For this, he has to comply with the set standards. Now pollution control check fee has also become expensive. Its rate has been increased from Rs 70 to Rs 100.

Secretary Transport Shailesh Bagoli released the revised rates of VIP numbers in a notification issued regarding the Uttarakhand Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Rules. It has been clarified that the bids for the number 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, 5555, 6666, 7777, 8888, 9999 will be started from 25 thousand rupees. Bidding for the remaining VIP numbers will start from Rs 10,000. Another amendment made in the manual will no longer require the new model of vehicles to be transported to the transport headquarters for physical verification. They can be registered directly except under special circumstances.

The company and seller concerned will have to pay a fee of two thousand to ten thousand rupees. In the amendment made in connection with pollution check centers, it has been clarified that any person in the state can open pollution check centers. Apart from authorized garages, workshops, petroleum companies, petrol pumps, and voluntary organizations, any other person can open an investigation center. For this, they will have to deposit a security of Rs 25 thousand in the name of the Transport Commissioner as per rules. Along with this, a list of equipment for improving the vehicle leaving pollution exceeding the standards and for engine testing will also have to be given. Pollution centers will have to take a Rs 30 form from the Transport Department to issue a pollution control certificate.

In this form, he will issue a pollution control certificate. For this, he will be able to charge a fee of Rs 100 from the applicant. Changes in Costumes of Transport Personnel. In the revised rules, the costumes of TTO-2 have also been changed. So far, they could put two white metal stars on their shoulders and they had a transport badge written on their shoulders. After the amendment, they will now be able to wear yellow-plated three-star, and black and red-colored shoulder stripes. They have also been authorized to wear brown shoes instead of black. Officers ranging from constable to assistant divisional transport officer level will put black and red-colored shoulders and put the logo of the transport department on the side.

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