Income Tax Department raids the bases of BJP leader Anil Goyal


The Income Tax team came to raid the bases of BJP leader Anil Goyal. The Income Tax team has started raids on their establishments at several other places including the capital, Dehradun, Vikasnagar, Haridwar and Roorkee on Friday morning.
Hardware Trading of Anil Goyal, Sunil Goyal, Naresh Garg, and Shashi Garg, MFG of Plywood and Aluminum Panels, Ready-made Clothing, LMD Education and Research Foundation Trust (Quantum University, Roorkee), Plywood MFG, Wood Products etc. are where the raid is going on.
The team is engaged in exploring their income expenditure and documents related to the property. According to the information, the team’s survey is continuing at Quantity Road, Dispensary Road, Umang Sari Shop, Roorkee’s Quantum Institute in Dehradun.


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