In Uttarakhand, Corona Fighter is fighting the virus staying hungry and thirsty

Corona Fighter

Medical staff, municipal staff, and policemen are alert and aware 24 hours

The whole world is battling the corona epidemic infection. The common people are contributing to the prevention of infection by staying in the houses. At the same time, employees associated with health, municipality and police are fighting the battle against Corona as Corona Fighter by rendering their services in the streets and hospitals throughout the day.

There are many people among these workers who are doing their duty staying hungry and in the sun for many hours. During the lockdown, Amar Ujala’s team will make you think about some of the Corona Fighter ideas in the area, You are united throughout the day to protect you and the whole society with vigor.

During the Corona epidemic, many senior doctors are giving 24-hour duty throughout the day. Patients are being examined with complete caution to prevent infection. During the epidemic, many doctors have increased their working hours. People are also appealed to take care of their health by staying completely at home.
– Dr. KC Sharma, Senior Physician, Sub District Hospital Vikasnagar

Medicines being distributed to people day and night
Emergency services are in operation in the hospital for 24 hours due to corona infection. Medicines are being distributed to people day and night. Two pharmacists are working in public service throughout the day in 12-hour shifts. Ongoing Householders are not at risk of disease, for this, the whole body is sanitized.
– Shamsher Singh, Formist, Sub District Hospital Vikasnagar

Police are with the people at the time of the epidemic. Services are being provided on the streets for 24 hours. Many times food is being served at night for the duty. To keep it sanitized, we are keeping masks along with sanitizers.
Walking in the streets, making people aware. People should understand their responsibility.
-Girish Negi, SSI

Doing 12-hours duty under sunlight in between corona infections. The duty is starting at seven o’clock in the morning, which continues till night. Food is not being served in the afternoon. People drink tea and water nearby. People should not go on the streets unnecessarily to make the police work easier.
-Himani Choudhary, Sub Inspector

For the past three days, along with me, many policemen have been standing on the streets for 12-12 hours day and night questioning people who are wandering needlessly. Take some time in the afternoon and go home and cook food for me as well as other colleagues. People should also cooperate with the police to ensure their participation as Corona Fighter.
-Nidhi Dabral, Sub Inspector

Municipal workers are offering their services to prevent the epidemic. Drug spraying is being done by walking in the street and mohallas. Drug spraying is being done from 7 am to 7 pm. For this purpose, the municipals have to walk many km in the streets.
– Surendra Kumar, Supervisor, Municipality


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