In Uttarakhand, a change in weather was seen, snowstorms in the plains, snowfall in elevated areas

The month of March has started, but the winter still precedes. It is cloudy in the plains of Uttarakhand today. Snowfall started in highlands in Chamoli district.

From the morning on Saturday, the surrounding areas of Dehradun were clouded. On the other hand, snowfall started in high altitude areas of Chamoli district. Clouds in the lower areas here and the district is getting cold again. Snowfall is occurring in high altitude areas including Badrinath, Hemkund, Valley of flowers, Rudranath, Goras Bugyal, Panar Bugyal, Laal maati.

Srinagar, Yamunotrighati, and Rudraprayag to Kedarnath remained in thick clouds. Even in Haridwar, the weather was bad since morning. Here also the cold has increased. In Kumaon, Bhawali, Gagar, Mukteswar, Dhanachuli, Ramgarh are all covered clouds. There is a thunderstorm. People are resorting to the bonfire. Gagar, Mukteswar, and Dhanachuli are likely to have snowfall and hail till late evening.

Rain warning in three districts tonight
Rainfall can occur in three districts of the state tonight. Also in some areas, it is estimated to fall down wet. In view of this, the alert has been issued by the health department.

According to the bulletin released by the Meteorological Center, there may be heavy rains and hailstorms in Dehradun, Pauri, and Nainital during the next 24 hours from Saturday night. In view of this, the Meteorological Department has issued a warning. Meteorological director Bikram Singh said that the weather is clear in other places in the state.

Badrish Puri is covered under Snowfall
In the Chamoli district on Friday, where people feel relieved by sunburst in low lying areas, there is a snowstorm due to the snowfall and intermittent snowfall in high altitude areas. All the residential houses and temples are covered with snow in Bamni village near Badrinath. In these circumstances, the employees and security personnel of BKTC, who are living in Badrinath, have to face severe cold.

Almost nine feet of snow has frozen in Badrinath Dham. Due to heavy snowfall, many shops have also been damaged in Dham. Hemkund Sahib has also been covered with snow. Here almost 11 feet of snow has been accumulated. Several shops are covered with snow in major hilly areas ahead of the journey. Six kilometers from Ghangaria to Hemkund is covered with snow. Hemkund lake also got frozen by snow. Sardar Seva Singh, senior manager of Govindghat Gurdwara, says that this time they may have to face difficulties in removing snow from the travel route.

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