In the evaluation of the CBSE examination, there is a strange answer, ‘I’m Don, I must definitely pass’

“I’m Don, whatever I want, that’s what happens. You also give numbers without looking at my copy.” It is not a script but it is the answer to the question given in the CBSE board exam. The board has become tough on such students. Any student who writes off the subject, his copy is being recorded directly in the Unfair Means (UFM).

Board examinations of CBSE are going to end on April 4. Meanwhile, the board has started evaluation at various centers. Teachers are also surprised by the students’ answers coming in the ongoing evaluation at these centers.

‘Tell the Education Minister to call me ‘
The student has written his mobile number in one of the answer sheets that came across in the evaluation center. Along with it is written that “Tell the Education Minister to call me. I’m 18 years old, I know how to change the country. ‘ In another copy, a student has written in response to the question: ‘If I pass, you will get a blessing, if not, you will be damned’.

By reading all such answers, the evaluating teacher is also upset. On the other hand, the CBSE has made it clear that any student who writes this kind of sketchy answer to the subject and question will be sealed directly in the UFM. That is, the case of such students will be considered as a duplicate. Action will be taken according to the same rule.

The examination can take place with limitations
Complaint about the case of UnFair Means goes to the board first. A committee is hearing from the board. The student is also called to personally represent his side.

If the Board does not agree with the student’s favor then the result of that student is stopped. It can be banned. Information about this restriction is also sent to all the universities, colleges, and other boards.

Contracted publishers will cut affordable NCERT books
On the other hand, publishers contracted with the Uttarakhand government will release NCERT books in the market cheaper. The government has contracted these publishers for the publication of NCERT books. These books will be available for sale in the next few days. The state government has made arrangements to apply the NCERT books in all the schools of Uttarakhand and CBSE schools inevitably.

For this, the education department has selected some publishers through a tender process, which will publish NCERT books. Apart from this, many private publishers are also publishing NCERT books. According to the terms of the education department, contract publishers will provide books at a lower cost than other private publishers. Education Secretary Dr. Meenakshi Sundaram said that in the next few days books will be available in the market in adequate quantity. The Department had dealt with the entire process of publishing books this year. Also, CDs have been made available to publishers.

Private schools will be inspected
The officers of the Education Department will inspect the various private schools across the state and examine the arrangements of NCERT books there. The court has allowed private schools to put some reference books, but have also put conditions that their cost should be equal to the NCERT books. Secretary Meenakshi Sundaram said that other schools would also be inspected by the department which would complain.

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