In the budget meeting held with the Union Finance Minister, he asked for a green bonus of 2000 crores rupees

Union Finance Minister

In the pre-budget meeting chaired by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the state has requested to issue a green bonus of Rs 2000 crore, to make financial arrangements for the Mahakumbh of 2021 and the Commonwealth Games to be held in 2020.

Forest Minister Harak Singh, who was part of the state government in the meeting, demanded to provide financial resources in the budget to set up the Waste to Energy plant to make the state waste-free. Harak said that for providing a world-class facility on Char Dham Yatra routes, central assistance of 500 crores should be given to Uttarakhand.

The cost of building a house in the mountainous areas is more than 4.5 lakhs. Under Prime Minister Housing Scheme, the share of the Center should be increased from 1.50 lakhs per house to three lakhs. In the Gram Swaraj Abhiyan, 100 crores have been proposed for the state, 500 crores have been proposed for Haridwar and Rishikesh to become an Iconic city, from Gauri Kund to Kedarnath, Nainital, Govind Ghat to Hemkund and development of parking.

Harak called for launching a new scheme for water harvesting, recharging and drinking water supply, increasing the labor-material ratio in MNREGA to 50:50 instead of 60:40, increasing the budget in BADP, and introducing a new central scheme in disaster mitigation. Harak said that the old-age pension of the central government should be increased from 200 to 1000 rupees. In Uttarakhand, a grant of Rs 100 crore was sought from the center to make the data center built at a cost of four crores, a green center.

250 crores came to the account of the state government
On Wednesday, the state government got a market loan of Rs 250 crore. With this, the state government has got a loan of 750 crores so far. With the reimbursement of nearly Rs 600 crore under GST, now the finance department is also feeling relieved to a great extent.

According to government officials, permission from the state government for a market loan of Rs 250 crore was sought from the Reserve Bank. After getting its permission from the Reserve Bank, on Wednesday, this money came into the account of the state government. Earlier in the month of December itself, the state government had taken a loan of Rs 500 crore from the market. According to officials, a loan of Rs 2350 crore has been taken so far this financial year. A limit of about Rs 6195 crore has been set for the state by the Reserve Bank.

Some time ago it was revealed from the CAG report that the state government has to take a loan to repay the loan interest. Meanwhile, the government has also received reimbursement of 600 crores from the center under GST. According to State Tax Commissioner Saujanya, this amount has also been received by the state. About 600 crores are yet to be reimbursed.

1200 crore approval for Tehri lake development project
The Central Government has approved the Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded 1200 crore Tehri Lake Development Project. Through this project, tourism and adventure activities will be developed in the New Tehri region. For the convenience of tourists, other infrastructure development works including hotels, resorts, the ring road will be done.

To develop Tehri Lake as a tourist destination, the state government had sent a proposal of 1200 crore Tehri Lake Development Project to the Center. Funding from the ADB will be done after the proposal is approved by the Center. Under the project, water sports activities in the Tehri lake will be carried out as well as tourism-related works including Five Star Hotel, Ring Road along the Resort for tourists’ stay.

The government believes that Tehri Lake is emerging as an important destination for tourists. It has the potential to attract tourists from India and abroad. After the construction of Dobra Chanthi Bridge, both of Tehri will be promoted for tourism activities. This will provide more facilities to the tourists.


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