In between India-Pak tension, on India-Nepal border mortar shell was found, two terrorists have been arrested from here

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Seeing the tension on the Indo-Pak border, getting the mortar shell on the Nepal border was sweating on the forehead for the police. The accused of the previous bomb blasts were caught on the border of Nepal. Recovering a Shell in the junks is also reminiscent of the police. This shell has been found in such a time that the border is being kept under surveillance.

On Friday, a rickshaw driver in Banbasa found a mortar shell while taking the junk. This Shell is of 81 mortar. According to the police, the user of this shell is the lightweight mortar launcher and the shell can be stained by placing it on the shoulder. On 14th February 2018, the Delhi Police had caught Areez Khan aka Junaid of Indian Mujahideen on the same border.

The Nepal border has been used to bring explosives to India.
Junaid, who has been prized for 15 lakh is considered to be responsible in the Batla House bomb blasts in Delhi in 2008. Apart from Delhi, the police were also searching for him in the similar incidents of Rajasthan, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. Similarly, on August 17, 2013, the police arrested Abdul Karim aka Tunda of Lashkar-e-Toiba on the Nepal border. It is believed that in 1993, Tunda was responsible for the Bombay blasts.

The special thing was that Tunda was a clothing businessman and used to do junk work also. After the arrest of Tunda, the police had realized the connection between junk and weapons. Now, these old incidents have emerged once again in the form of shells in the junk in Banbasa. According to the intelligence system, the Nepal border has been used to bring explosives to India.

Rickshaw driver found mortar shell in Banbasa
The trouble is that Uttarakhand itself has a boundary of about 263 km from Nepal. By the way, there is vigilance of BSF, yet there are many ways which are used. The river is narrow in the middle of Banbasa to Tanakpur only in three places and when the water is low, the medium of movement becomes accessible here.

A rickshaw driver got a mortar shell on Friday during picking up the junks. The police have called experts and scientists from many related departments for its testing. Rickshaw driver Badorean got a mortar shell while taking the garbage near the native farm (railway crossing). Active Police Officer Devendra Singh Manral said that it is not yet decided whether this shell is alive or useless. Experts have been called for its testing.

According to Champawat Superintendent of Police Dhirendra Gunjyal, mortar shell case in Banbasa is being investigated thoroughly. This mortar shell is quite old and it is made in India only. There is also the possibility that this shell has flown out of the flood. The firing range of the army being nearby, it is also likely for the mortar shell to be manufactured in India.


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