IAS Sting Case: Chargesheet against two, including CEO of the channel Umesh Sharma, the whole case at a glance


The police have filed a charge sheet on April 10 in a very secretive manner against the private channel CEO Umesh Kumar Sharma and his associate Rahul Bhatia stranded in the sting case of Chief Minister and close relatives of the big bureaucrats.

In this high-profile case, the question of government’s esteem could not prove the allegation of blackmailing. There will now be a lawsuit against the two accused of creating fear of life for extortion.

In this case, in the Nominated Ayurvedic scam, there is a discussion against former registrar, Mrityunjay Mishra, who’s in jail and other accused Shivam Bhatia, while Ghaziabad’s Praveen Sahni and Saurabh Sahni have been removed from the discussion due to lack of evidence.

After compiling the evidence in a five-and-a-half month, the police have registered a case against Umesh Sharma and his associate Rahul under section 385 (fear of damaging for extortion), 387 (fear of death), 419 (by impersonation), 504 (abusive words), 506 (threat to kill) and 120-B (conspiracy).

In the discussion, the charges of Section 386 and 388, which means blackmailing, have not been confirmed. Therefore, the police have removed the section of blackmailing. In the sting case, Umesh Sharma is on bail but the second accused, Rahul Bhatia, has not yet granted bail.

18 witnesses gathered including CM’s brother Virendra
In this case, Rajpur police filed a blackmailing case on 10 August last year, against the complaint of Investigating Editor Ayush Gaur of Channel, CEO Umesh Sharma, Former Secretary of Ayurved University, Mritunjay Mishra, Sharma’s associate Rahul Bhatia, Praveen Sahni, and Saurabh Sahni. Under the secret strategy, the police raided the house of Sharma in Ghaziabad on October 28, 2012, after receiving the arrest warrant and search warrant from the court.

Police arrested Umesh Sharma and recovered a large number of CDs, electronic equipment and other documents from the house. The next day the police presented Umesh to the court, from where he was sent to jail.

In Jharkhand, a case was registered against Umesh Sharma under the Treason of sedition. Meanwhile, on November 19, the sessions court granted bail to Umesh Sharma. On the same day, on the basis of the B-warrant, the police took Umesh to Ranchi.

In the consideration of the sting episode, the police have gathered 18 witnesses including Chief Minister Virendra Singh Rawat. Apart from Rawat, Sanjay Gupta, who is close to CM, the plaintiff Ayush Gaur, CM’s security officer Sanjay Vishnoi, CBCID inspector Bahadur Singh Chauhan, CO Vikas Nagar Bhupendra Singh Dhoni and three bank managers are chiefly involved.

Senior police-prosecuting officers raid
The case which the senior police and prosecuting officers filed a weak case related to Chief Minister directly. This has given the government a lot of roles. In view of keeping confidential, so many technical flaws were left out in the case, causing the accused to get the benefit and the police had to step out from the matter.

The result of this is that the removal of the streams under which the first case was lodged became a compulsion of the discriminant. Now as the matter was directly linked to the head of the government, the matter was moved to the court. Law expert says that if it was a case related to the common man, then the final report would have been made till now.

32 policemen involved in the operation
In the sting case, 32 police personnel have been included in the entire action taking from investigation to filing the charge sheet. Earlier, the case was analyzed by the station officer Incharge Arvind Kumar. Later this case was handed over to the SO Naththilal Uniyal. Apart from this, police personnel who recorded video recording and material were also mentioned.

By submitting 20 CDs of the Chief Ministers, I have asked the court to cancel the CBI probe and the FIR of the entire case. The hearing on March 26 could not take place. The case was heard on April 23 in the High Court. Chargesheet was filed in the court because I could not get relief from the court. I have full hope of court justice, I will fight this till the last. In the case of treason, the case filed in Jharkhand will have the same fate.
-Umesh Sharma, accused channel operator

On the basis of the evidence of the sting episode, chargesheet has been filed in court against Umesh Sharma and Rahul Bhatia. Discussion is prevalent against former registrar Mrityunjay Mishra and Shivam Bhatia. The names of Praveen Sahni and Saurabh Sahni have been removed after the evidence is not found in the consideration.
-Nivedita Kukreti, Senior Superintendent of Police. Read more posts…


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