Husband first ruthlessly killed the wife, then unclothing it, threw the body into the jungle


Nepali woman Gomati was murdered by her own husband. Police and SOG team exposed this by defaming the accused husband. The police told that no one was suspicious, so he also filed a missing wife’s account on his own.

On April 29, the police reached the spot with SP Ramchandra Rajguru and CO Vimal Acharya on the information about the body of an unknown woman under the culvert on Chandak-Chamali raw road.

The deceased was identified as Gomti Devi (29) wife of Dinesh Bahadur Singh, a resident of Pansera Nepal. Police and SOG team filed a murder case against the unknown and got involved in the investigation. The deceased’s husband Dinesh was missing and he did not even take the body of his wife and cremated.

A missing report was recorded himself
The needle of such a doubt turned towards him only. On Saturday evening, the police got information that Dinesh, the husband of the deceased, is planning to escape to Nepal. On this, the team arrested him from the Degree college road.

The pickup used in the incident has also been taken by the team. It is known that on April 17, Dinesh had given verbal information of Gomati’s disappearance and on April 23, he handed over the police to Tahrir, on the basis of which the police had registered the disappearance of Gomti.

This team is included in
In charge of the team Kotwal Pratap Singh Negi, SOG in-charge Prakash Singh Mehra, SI Hem Tiwari, Sanjay Punia, Priyanshu Joshi, Dinesh Singh, Priyanka Mauni, Shivani Negi, Anil Martholia, Manmohan Bhandari, Balwant Valdiya, Sandeep Chand, Rajkumar, Rajendra Prasad, etc. were included.

Dinesh Bahadur (32), accused in police inquiry, told that he had been married 14 years ago by Gomti Devi daughter Kalu Kohli district, Darchula, Nepal. Along with his wife and three children, he is living in a rented house near the college for the last eight months.

He was petting the family by running a pickup with the wages. Wife used to do homemade food business. He said that he had been fighting with his wife for a long time. He doubted the behavior of the wife. After killing the wife, after leaving the room, left the three children in Nepal and came to Pithoragarh and kept hiding around fearing.

On 16th April, Gomati was returning from work, when she stopped the pickup and told the matter of poor health of her mother and asked to go to Bhatkot. Instead of taking his wife to Bhatkot, he took her towards Chandak. On the Chamali road, stopped the vehicle near a culvert and started talking to the wife. There was a lot of debate between both of them and the matter grew so much that Dinesh had killed Gomti by pressing her throat with a scarf. Put the body down and unclothed her under the culvert, as well as throwing gold ornaments from the nose and ears and the clothes into the bush.


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