Husband divorces wife through phone, wife accuses him of dowry

In Laksar, a husband broke the marriage by giving three divorces on the mobile phone to his wife who had been to her parents home. The woman and her family have complained to the police accusing them of dowry harassment. Police are investigating the case.
According to the police, the marriage of Sharif’s daughter Khushnasib, a resident of Karanja Qutubpur village near Laksar, was held in the year 2016 in the village of Karaana of Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh. Her husband works as a daily wager in Bengaluru (Karnataka). He took her along with him after being fed up with discord. Since then, she was living with her husband.
It is alleged that last month the in-laws of Khushnasib called both the husband and wife to the house by making an excuse for mother-in-law’s illness. After spending some time in the in-law’s house, the husband returned home after leaving her in her parents’ place. According to Khushnasib, her husband called her on Wednesday. On the phone, he said that his family is not satisfied with Khushansib. In such a situation, he can not keep her with him. It is alleged that after this, the husband had divorced him three times on the phone itself.
Khushnasib gave this information to her family. Having discussed with the family, on Saturday, along with the relatives, she reached Laksar, Kotwali and gave the written Tahrir to the police. Kotwali inspector-in-charge, Amarchand Sharma said that the case has Tahrir. The other side has also been called to Kotwali. After this, further action will be taken.

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