How the government money was robbed in the name of a college transformed into debris, read the truth of this huge scandal


Even without the existence of the Tech Ward Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan college, who was in the scholarship scam, after the collision with the departmental officials, took around two and a half million rupees. In 2010 only, the college’s approval was over, but in spite of the scholarship, the money from the government was taken. Officers of Tech Vard Gramodyog Vikas Sansthan have taken scholarships in the name of students belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes despite the inexistence of the college.

When the SIT discovered the history of the college, the whole truth was exposed. When the physical verification team of the SIT came to the spot, their eyes were torn off. There was no college on the spot, only a ruin was standing in the name of the college. That is to say that the game of grabbing scholarship by showing the ruins as a college is going on. The SIT has contacted the students involved in the scholarship list, so they have also refused to enrol in the college. It is alleged that this scam has been done in connivance with departmental officials. How the scholarship amount was released after the completion of the college’s approval, this is a big question.

Self-employment scheme scam check running slow
The SIT, investigating the scholarship scam, is in action, but the police, investigating the Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali self-employment scheme has not been activated yet. The investigation of this case is being done by SP City Kamlesh Upadhyay. The sources said that names of several officials and politicians are also coming out in the scandal involving Veer Chandra Singh Garhwali Swarozgar Yojana. People say that many big faces are expected to be exposed in the fair investigation of this case.

Scam of Rs 24 cr in three institutions
In the scholarship scam, three prosecutions have been registered by SIT on behalf of Dehradun and Haridwar. So far, about Rs. 24 crore scholarship scam has emerged in Haridwar’s three private educational institutions. The SIT has arrested five office bearers of these institutions. Nearly 14 crores 85 lakh rupees in Amrit Lal College, Rs. 6 crores 28 lakhs in Institute of Professional Stage Sedpur Roorkee and Rs. 2.5 crore fraud in the Tech Ward Gramodyog Vikas Sangathan Institute.

One university in a scholarship scam
In the scholarship scam, soon preparations are taken for action against other educational institutions related to the management of a university. Institutes involved in crores of scholarships scam have started falling into the bolt. After ordering from the government level in Roorkee Tehsil, about seven months ago local authorities examined more than 50 institutions. Students who got scholarships in this were verified. The shocking thing is that there was the talk of scholarship in over half a dozen institutions of the region.

Details of 27 such students have been given in the examination report of an educational institute on behalf of Upper Tehsildar Sushila Kothiyal, in which neither the documents could be submitted by the management of the college nor they have forgery in the records received. While a university report has been given a similar report about several students. While the report of re-registering a student has also been given. Now SIT investigations have begun to open the raw materials of these institutions again. According to the sources, the scam has also been confirmed against a university and its affiliated institution. It is believed that big action can be taken against them soon.

Some people in the investigation turned out to travel abroad
Heads of several educational institutions surrounded by investigations are reported to be underground. There are discussions that some of these people have gone on a foreign trip. The Intelligence Department has been instructed to keep an eye on such people. It is reported that some of these may be arrested soon. After the action being taken by SIT, there is a stir in the educational institutions involved in the scholarship scam.

Question: When is the departmental officers’ turn?
With the opening of the layers of scholarship scam, now the questions have arisen that when the responsible society will take action against the welfare officers responsible for the scandal. Of course, if the departmental officer discharges his obligation properly, there is no port of government money. Ravindra Jugran, who filed the petition in the high court about the scholarship scam, says that this scam has happened in the protection of certain departmental officers and the people of the bank. Action should also be taken against the guilty officials with the academic institutions. The government should also send a message of zero tolerance by taking action against these officers. He credited the investigation into the Nainital High Court. Read more posts…


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