How the children of Containment Zone will give board exams, Secondary Teachers Association sent a letter to CEO

Containment Zone

How will the children living in the Containment Zone take the remaining board exams? In this regard, the Doon Branch of Uttarakhand Secondary Teachers Association has sent a letter to the Chief Education Officer seeking information on five points. Apart from this, the board has said to clarify the situation on the evaluation work.

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In a letter sent to the CEO, District President of the Teachers Association, Sanjay Bijlwan, and Minister Anil Nautiyal have sought guidance regarding the assessment of the assessment to be held from June 13 and the examination of the remaining question papers from June 22. The District Magistrate has instructed to keep teachers above 55 years of age and those teachers who have children below 10 years of age.

He said that many teachers would have to travel as far as 50 km from their residence for evaluation. It will not be easy for teachers to arrive in Doon on Saturday-Sunday due to public transportation.

Whether teachers coming from private vehicles can use the order of duty as a pass in the assessment work. In such a situation, the situation should also be clear about how the children living in the Containment Zone will appear in the examination.


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