Homecoming quarantine will be done even after the institutional migrants from abroad

Homecoming quarantine

Migrants coming from abroad will now have to come to the home district after the institutional quarantine and also have to quarantine for seven days. This arrangement has been made by the Government in the Standard Operating Method (SOP) of the migrants returning from abroad. Commissioner Garhwal Ravinath Raman and IG SDRF Sanjay Gunjyal have been made state nodal officers for the movement of foreign migrants. At the same time, district officers have been made nodal officers for coordination. So far more than 200 migrants from Uttarakhand have returned to India.

Lockdown 4 opened the way for the return of migrants from other countries as well as from abroad. Their return has started and they include migrants from Uttarakhand. Institutional quarantines are being done for seven days in the respective cities only when these migrants return via airplane. After this, if no symptoms are found, they are being sent to the respective states. The Center has also asked them to quarantine home for seven days in the respective cities. Now the nodal officers have been deployed to monitor their movement.

Resident Commissioner and Additional Secretary Yogendra Yadav, posted in Delhi, has been given the responsibility of Assistant Nodal Officer. These nodal officers will coordinate with the designated nodal officer by the Ministry of External Affairs to obtain complete information about the returning migrants. This will include their arrival time, their phone number, and their home address. The Assistant Nodal Officer posted in Delhi will prepare a help desk for the migrants from Uttarakhand who come from abroad to the airport.

Those with signs of infection will be admitted to hospitals immediately. The remainder will be quarantined in institutional quarantine centers marked on paid arrangements. However, in those over 65 years of age, seriously ill, those coming with children under 10 years of age, parents and family members can be sent directly to the home quarantine for 14 days. Provided there are no symptoms. Nodal officers stationed in Delhi will arrange for proper traffic to these migrants to their home states. Migrants will have to pay it.

After being discharged from the quarantine centers, they will be able to go to the home states only after meeting the health certificate and other necessary standards. Information about them will be given to the districts of the state and they will be quarantined there for seven days. Such people whose areas have been created the Containment Zone in the respective districts will have to live safely. Failing to do so, they would have to stay at the marked quarantine centers until the Containment Zone where they resided are freed.


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