Historical decline in the stock market: Dehradun stock traders sunk Rs 2500 crore in a single day

Dehradun stock traders

About eight thousand crores of investors drowned in a week

For Dehradun stock traders, Thursday proved to be a dark day. In a single day, a huge fall in the market sank nearly Rs 2500 crore of Doon’s stock traders. The decline over a week is coming as a loss.

As soon as the market opened on Thursday, there was an uproar among the stock traders of Doon. The market collapsed on seeing this. There are about two and a half million shares in Doon. Their faces kept on dulling. According to estimates, traders lost around 2500 crores in a single day.

Steady decline
Market experts said that due to the continuous decline of the market for the past one week, the traders of Doon have lost about seven to eight thousand crores.

Stock market expert Ranjan Verma says that due to coronavirus, there is a declining trend in the worldwide markets. In such a situation, investors need to be extra cautious. If possible, avoid investing in the market now. Think about investing only after a little stance is clear.


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