Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant number one in the country under the Atal Ayushman Yojana

Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant

Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant is the first in the country to treat patients with Golden Card under the Atal Ayushman Yojana. In this scheme started a year ago, Himalayan Hospital has treated 17 thousand patients free of cost on the Golden Card. So far, more than 75 thousand patients in the state have received the benefit of Ayushman Yojana, whose treatment has cost Rs 72.87 crore.

To treat patients on the golden card in Ayushman Yojana, where private hospitals do the treatment. At the same time, Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant has secured the first place in Uttarakhand, not only in Uttarakhand, by benefiting the most patients in the scheme. In Himalayan Hospital, patients from other states of the country including Uttarakhand also come for treatment.

If the patient’s golden card is made, up to five lakh rupees are treated free in the hospital. The state government has listed 180 government and private hospitals under the Ayushman Yojana. But in a year where private hospitals have provided better facilities to patients. At the same time, 13 private hospitals have fraudulently treated patients and claimed bills.

So far, 75 thousand more patients have got the benefit of the scheme
In the Atal Ayushman Yojana, golden cards of 32.87 lakh beneficiaries have been made within a year. In this, 75 thousand 278 patients were given free treatment under the scheme. The government has spent Rs 72.87 crore on these.

430 patients were treated in large hospitals outside the state. One crore rupees were spent on this. Now the government is also going to start a special campaign to make golden cards to get more people to benefit from the scheme.

The performance of Himalayan Hospital Jolly Grant in the last one year under the Ayushman Yojana has been good. The hospital ranks first in the entire country in treating patients on the Golden Card for free.
-Arunendra Singh Chauhan, Additional Secretary and CEO, State Ayushman Yojana


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