Himalayan Conclave:Himalayan states will again reunite in Uttarakhand, regional workshop to be held on October 10-11

After the Himalayan Conclave, the Himalayan states will once again converge in Uttarakhand. This churning will be about the prosperity of the villages. A regional workshop of Himalayan states has been organized in Dehradun on October 10-11 under the ambitious Gram Panchayat Development Program (GPDP) of the central government to make the villages a must. In this, the personnel of these states will be trained in the matter of bringing down the GPDP, there will be a detailed discussion on what steps can be taken to ensure village prosperity. According to Additional Secretary Panchayati Raj HC Semwal, experts from the institutions included in the center’s panel will also participate in the workshop. Workout for site selection has been started in connection with the workshop.

On the initiative of Uttarakhand, the Himalayan States Conference ‘Himalayan Conclave’ in Mussoorie on July 28 attracted everyone’s attention. Now on the initiative of the Center, the Himalayan states are going to get an opportunity to mobilize in Uttarakhand once again. In fact, the central government has decided to give the appearance of a mass movement to GPDP. Under GPDP, the development plan of Gram Panchayat is drawn and then planned and uploaded to the GPDP app. The budget will be received from the center and state for the scheme registered in the app.

Before this, there will also be a survey of facilities in the village. The center is now going to conduct workshops at the regional level regarding the implementation of GPDP. In this series, a two-day workshop of Himalayan states will be held in Dehradun on 10-11 October. Additional Secretary Panchayati Raj HC Semwal said that this workshop is very important from the point of view of the development of villages. In this, the Himalayan states having difficulty in their respective areas, then its way will also be found out. About 150 delegates from the Himalayan states will attend the workshop.

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