Hill Stations Near Dehradun

Quoting ‘The Hills’ by Madison Cawein
“There is no joy of earth that thrills
My bosom like the far-off hills!
The’ unchanging hills, that, shadowy,
Beckon our mutability
To follow and to gaze upon
Foundations of the dusk and dawn.
Meseems the very heavens are massed
Upon their shoulders vague and vast
With all the skyey burden of
The winds and clouds and stars above.”As beautifully in this poem it is defined how the hills cast a beautiful shadow to its lower grounds, the naked mountain tops with a majestic view of the sky. Many writers have written poems on the hills giving away their beauty, their serenity. As beautiful as these poems, India is full of the world’s most beautiful hill stations. Uttarakhand is the state which is famous for its hilly destinations and Dehradun is one of the most beautiful cities that is surrounded by hill stations from every side. Dehradun in itself is a majestic place to visit for a calm and carefree vacation. There are numerous hill stations near Dehradun, whether for a camping trekking trip on unvisited mountains or a luxurious stay on the top of hills.


Mussoorie in DehradunAt a distance of 38 km from Dehradun lies the one most visited tourist destinations of Uttarakhand and arguably the best hill station near Dehradun – Mussoorie. Mussoorie is known as the queen of hills, as it sits like a crown on top of the mountain ranges. There are numerous places to visit in Mussoorie itself, may it be religious places like temples, monasteries, or shopping on the Mall Road, or walking on the village roads to have a beautiful view of the clouds flowing like wind over the hills. A romantic walk at night on the Mall Road overlooking the Doon valley is all that is needed to take off a weary day with the fresh air blowing through the hills and shimmering lights of the Doon valley. It is one of the most easily accessible hill stations in North-India. Also known as the Honeymoon capital of India, this place has an intriguing history ranging fro the British officials during colonial rule to the place in which Dalai Lama first chose to set up the Tibetan Government of Exile, which was later on after years moved to Dharamshala. A city worth exploring with a spectacular view of Himalayas.


Dhanaulti in Dehradun It is an upcoming accessible weekend getaway, which is around 36 km from Dehradun. A favorable place for retreat lovers to visit, with its peace and tranquillity oozing from its hills. With welcoming weather, snow-capped peaks of Himalayas, give an add on to this place as a favorable destination for people who want to spend time away from the hustle-bustle and noises of the city traffic and pollution. At an altitude of 2250m above sea level, this hill station near Dehradun provides a picturesque view that is covered with tall trees and thick grasslands.


Almora in DehradunAt an altitude of 1638 m above the sea level, a fascinating hill station with its cultural diversity is spread along a 5km long horse saddle shaped ridge on Kashyap Hill. This beautiful hill station near Dehradun has two rivers, Koshi and Suyal flowing through it. Covered with pines and oaks from all the sides, and a bewitching view of the snow-capped Himalayas standing with all its grandeur fascinate the eyes of its viewers. This town carries with itself not just a fascinating history but an intriguing history too. Almora was the capital of the Chand dynasty, which ruled Kumaon for more than a thousand years. It was founded in the year 1568. This hill station was later discovered and developed by the British. This town has every activity ranging from sightseeing to sports activities such as mountain biking, trekking, river rafting, mountain hiking, etc.


Lansdowne in DehradunLocated at a distance of 157 km from the state capital Dehradun, Lansdowne is the fastest upcoming hill station. This hill station near Dehradun has a wide range of activities for tourists visiting ranging from sightseeing to camping, nature walk, and shopping. This town has a peaceful atmosphere, welcoming weather, and beautiful scenery. it is at an altitude of 1780 m above sea level. Covered on each side from oak and blue pine forests, this site has been a famous place of retreat for people who want to spend time under the skies full of stars. Attracted by its healthy climate colonial officers established a cantonment here. The famous Garhwal Rifles of the Indian Army has its command office in the region.


Chopta in DehradunFamous as ‘Mini Switzerland of Uttarakhand’, it is a less explored terrain by tourists. A trekker’s heaven, it is the base camp for many treks like Tunganath, Deoria Tal, Chandrashila. The peaks in this hill station near Dehradunmostly covered under a thick blanket of snow, with treks and trails cut through the jungles and grasslands, this place is a hub for beautiful exotic birds and is popular among bird watchers. Situated at an altitude of 2,680 m above sea level, this little hamlet lying in the lap of Himalayas, it is surrounded by pine, rhododendron, and is rich in flora and fauna. This village is on a high altitude which is a reason that locals have less access to resources, so making it a tourism hub, localities have been provided with a lot of business from local lodges for tourists to stay to amazing cafés with mouth-watering local dishes.

There are plenty of hill stations near Dehradun, some tourist hubs, or some unexplored places which are heavens for trekkers to explore. The diversifying flora and fauna of these regions give them a supreme level of beauty, which calls for people to take some time off their busy lives and visit these places in search of peace and serenity to reconnect with themselves.