Higher education: Three hundred assistant professors will be recruited in Uttarakhand

Higher Education

Special things
The government will send its petition to the Public Service Commission
Teachers with a temporary appointment will be accommodated in other colleges

The Department of Higher Education will recruit 300 assistant professors. To overcome the shortage of teachers in the remote colleges of the mountain, the government will send a petition to the Public Service Commission. At the same time, teachers with extremely temporary appointments will be accommodated in other colleges.

According to Ashok Kumar, Secretary in-charge of higher education, the government had sent a plea to the Public Service Commission to appoint 877 assistant professors, out of which one hundred and fifty assistant professors have been received by the department so far. All these Assistant Professors selected from the Public Service Commission have been appointed in inaccessible colleges.

Now the government is sending a petition for the new recruitment of 300 assistant professors. He said that after getting regular appointment teachers, the teachers in the colleges where temporary teachers are employed will be removed from there and will be adjusted in other colleges.

He informed that the principal of the colleges and the director of higher education have been given the right to adjust the teachers.


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