High Court cancelled the transfer of IPS T.C to SP

Uttarakhand High Court

In compliance with the High Court order, the government canceled the transfer of Dr. Manjunath T.C from the post IPS to SP from Haridwar to Chamoli on Friday. His return was done on the old post of SP traffic in Haridwar. The Police Headquarters has upheld the old SIT by canceling the new SIT order.
Manjunath left for Haridwar on Friday evening after handing over the responsibility of SP Chamoli to CO. On January 8, the government sent Dr. Manjunath T.C, who was in charge of the SIT, the SP of the Haridwar Transport and Scholarship scam, and made him as SP of Chamoli. Also, a new SIT was constituted under the leadership of IG Sanjay Gunjyal to investigate the scam.
During the hearing of the scholarship scam on January 9, the High Court had canceled the transfer of Dr. Manjunath T.C. After dissolving the new SIT, Manjunath Wali ordered the probe by the SIT. Manjunath took the charge of SP Chamoli on Tuesday evening between the suspects.
On receiving the copy of the order of the High Court on Friday, the government has canceled his transfer for Chamoli. He has been ordered to take the charge of SP Traffic post of Haridwar. After three days of captaincy, on Friday evening, Dr. Manjunath handed over the charge of SP Chamoli to CO Mithlesh Kumar and left for Haridwar.
Here the police headquarters has also canceled the order for the formation of a new SIT. The order of the SIT, led by Dr. Manjunath, to issue a scholarship scam, was issued once again.


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